Friday, December 2, 2011

know it all

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  1. Google needs to make sure that what a user looks for, that the actually get it. For many years people stuffed their keywords with anything they felt would direct traffic to their sites – names of celebrities, hot topics, products that were unrelated. There was once a time when it was easy to find what one was looking for on-line, it was a golden age. Then came all the unrelated material, as everyone wanted to make a quick buck. The internet needs to be a place where one can easily find what one is looking for, without plodding through a heap of meaningless muck that has nothing to do with anything. Though the Panda update does create a bit more work, I think it will be for the best when it comes to relevant content – it will make a more useful internet with a nicer user experience. I think that those whining loudest are the ones that caused the Panda update. People, companies, whomever...need to take more time to ensure that a users finds what they are actually looking for. If one's page is optimized correctly and one has relevant content relating to the searches that brought people to one's page in the first place, one has nothing to worry about. If you want a bunch of irrelevant keywords driving traffic to one's site one is only going to annoy people. Use organic seo services if one wants ones site's traffic to grow. It will take patience and time, but if one sticks with the guidelines laid out by Google, one will see results – not immediately, but they will come. Trying to trick Google by unsavory means will only backfire.